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How to Make Sure Your Kids Know They Matter

How to Make Sure Your Kids Know They Matter

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A child who feels worthy and important grows into an adult having higher self-esteem and a positive outlook towards life.

What do you think your child expects from you? Expensive toys, making all the right decisions or being the perfect parents – that’s not what your kid needs from you and it is not what he/she wants. The child just wants to be taken care of, appreciated and loved unconditionally. Make sure your child gets the same vibe not just from you, but from friends and teachers as well as he/she steps into the top 10 schools in Gurgaon.

Yes; as a mother or father, you love your children most endearingly. But do they know they matter to you? Loving your kid is not enough; often, it becomes important to show your affection and feelings for them. When a child knows she is loved and her opinions matter, she is more likely to be respectful to others, capable of handling conflicts easily and grow as a well-rounded human being.

6 Powerful Ways to Make Your Kids Know They Matter

Here are five simple yet powerful ways to make your child know they are loved and valued:

1. Tell Them You Love Them

Every time you kiss them, hug them and say “I love you,” it makes your kid understand how important they are for you. This is a simple little thing that you can do for your child but for her, it may mean the whole world.

2. Praise Them For Every Little Thing They Do

Do not fail to appreciate them whenever they do something commendable. Thank her for every little help. For even the smallest achievement, tell them how proud you feel. The top 10 schools in Gurgaon should also follow a similar approach to ensure the children feel worthy and are self-motivated.

3. Listen to Them Attentively

Often, when your child is saying something, you either do not understand, get distracted or do not hear. However, this may imbibe a lack of confidence and self-esteem in children. Don’t you like when someone listens to you attentively? Your children feel the same way. Ensure giving them undivided attention when they are talking. Look at them in their eyes to make your child feel you are genuinely interested.

4. Motivate Them About Their Strengths

As a responsible parent or teacher, it is crucial to remind the children of all their good qualities and motivate them to hone their strengths. This will not just make them feel important but self-confident too.

5. Respect Their Emotions and Privacy

Just because she is a child does not mean she does not need privacy. Respect her space. Also, make your child know that her feelings matter.

6. Involve Her in Decisions

Even if it is not pertinent, involving your children in important decisions can make them feel worthy. You may ask casually “What is your idea about this”; show respect for her choices.

Remember, your child may be young but they are human beings and deserve love and respect. You can talk to the top 10 schools in Gurgaon to understand what steps they take in making a child know they matter.

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