Pre Primary School Fees in Gurgaon

Pre Primary School Fees in Gurgaon

Parents continually aim at getting their child admitted to the best-known school of the area. For this, they make all valuable efforts of Visiting School, filling application forms, checking the structure of Pre Primary School Fees in Gurgaon and so on. They strive to get it done timely to save their child’s year. To save your efforts and to get it done at the earliest, we at Chalk Tree, keep it transparent, fast-paced and affordable for all. Our basic fee structure makes it easy for parents to endow quality learning to their kids. Our Day Care, Pre-primary and Primary - Grade 1st to 5th sections are equipped with best of faculty who are full of passion, patience and love towards children. Rather than forcing learning, we create a stimulating environment where children feel comfortable and self-motivated to plunge deep in playful learning activities.  

Understanding the child’s psychology at an early stage, we make all possible efforts to render them a congenial feel like home. Though we can’t pamper kids like you do, to maintain a sense of discipline, we ensure to give them motherly warmth to make them feel comfortable. Our teachers and staff are well trained to cater to all such requirements. Our goal is to cultivate an impression of self-esteem and responsibility in our students to groom with self-motivation to turn them into a lifelong learner. Our teaching-learning practices, value-based pedagogy help us to inculcate in them basic human values with the ability to be valuable citizens of the society.

We promote learning by playing and hence have a widespread play area; class rooms equipped with innovative educational tools to run a transparent learning curriculum. The integrated learning environment assures holistic development of all our students. We present the goals for our young minds to stimulate their learning and to lead it on right track. Daycare or pre-primary kids receive education in such a way that it surely prepares them to receive formal training later. Here, they get acquainted with most of the things that children learn on a later stage. We try to unleash all the latent faculties of children to endow them with the goal of life. Our child-centered learning program treats teacher as children’s’ mentor or partner who nurture them closely to achieve their lifelong goals.

Considering cognitive development as the base of life, we promote it with all efficient activities. We regularly conduct role plays, group discussion, free and guided play, and other such activities to enrich learning. Our moderate fee structure makes us one of the Best schools in Gurgaon with fee structure that is budget friendly.

This way we help parents relieve in every possible situation. Visit us today to deliver your child’s life in safe and innovative hands.

Every parent wants to admit their children in renowned schools. But, the fee structure often poses a problem. Chalk Tree Global School is the best school in Gurgaon with affordable fee structure. We try to make the admission procedure simple and easy.

Chalk Tree – Best School in Gurgaon with Fee Structure

To make the admission process simple, Chalk Tree strives hard to keep it transparent and affordable. Our fee structure from pre nursery to Grade 5 is quite economical and we provide the best facilities.

  • Trained teachers and staff
  • Congenial environment for children of all ages
  • Spacious classrooms and play area
  • Daycare facilities
  • Choose best school in Gurgaon with Reasonable Fee Structure

    We emphasize on the overall development of a child. Our staff focuses on academics as well as co-curricular activities through:

    • Child-centered learning programs
    • Guided play sessions
    • Group discussions
    • Role playing
    • Chalk Tree Global School is the best school in Gurgaon with affordable fees. Get in touch with us at +91 7701872424 or +91 8800885560. Write to us at for admission enquiry and other information.