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Strategies to Motivate Your Child to Learn

Strategies to Motivate Your Child to Learn

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Most good students are not born geniuses. It is true that individual personality greatly affects one’s willingness to learn, yet most children who are good at learning at some point had to make efforts to inculcate the habit.Any student who possesses the basic aptitude and receives the right guidance and motivation can become a good learner. It is important to choose the best pre primary school in Gurgaon to make sure your child rightlyinstils the habit of learning.

In this article, we will have a look at some proven strategies that will motivate your child to learn. If you apply them correctly, you will see your child discover the joy of learning.

Develop an Atmosphere of Reading

Reading is aninvaluable virtue. Children who develop a love for reading also develop a love for learning.

The habit of reading regularly helps the children in developing a much richer vocabulary. Besides, it helps their brain become more active and process things and concepts faster. It is seen that kids who read well have an enhanced ability to learn in all subjects.

You can perform a few simple activities to teach your child the habit of reading. For instance, read to him/her frequently. Make your child read aloud. Schedule a family reading time, where everyone emphasizes on reading for at least 15 minutes a day.

Encourage Open and Sincere Communication

Having a healthy, friendly and interactive environment at home can greatly boost your child’s learning abilities. It is important that the child feels comfortable in expressing his opinions, thoughts, likes and dislikes. When he shares his opinion, make sure to listen to him and validate his feelings.

If the child feels that his opinion doesn’t hold, he is more likely to get disengaged from the learning process. Good learners know that their opinions matter. Consequently, they feel they can be vocal about their experience without being judged, ignored or discouraged.

Pay Attention to Your Child’s Interests

When learning involves kids in their areas of interest, the whole process of learning becomes much more fun. If you really want your child to become a great learner, let him explore different topics and subjects to find out what interests him the most. For instance, if your child is fascinated by animals, get him different story and activity books about animals. This will help him develop a habit of learning.

Introduce Different Learning Styles

There are different learning styles such as Visual, Verbal, Auditory, Logical, Social, etc. Try to introduce as many styles to find out which one is best suiting your child.

A lot of children, who are visual learners, learn best by seeing how things work. Alternatively, some children learn best by listening to things being explained. Try to explore and deploy various learning styles to bring out the best in your child. Also, while seeking admission into the best primary school in Gurgaon, check out the different learning styles and techniques used by them

Follow the afore-mentioned strategies to turn every day into a learning day for your child. Help him develop internal motivation to learn at home, in the classroom or wherever he may be.

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