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How to Identify the Learning Pattern of Your Child

How to Identify the Learning Pattern of Your Child

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Understanding whether your kid assimilates learning through looking, listening or touching can help you identify her study habits and style. If you are aware of your child’s learning pattern, you will be in a better position to help her study and encourage her to participate in extra-curricular activities.

7 learning styles that your kid might possess:

Visual: Also known as spatial learning, the child tends to learn through images, pictures or videos.
Physical: This learning style is also known as kinesthetic where the child learns using her sense of touch, hands and body.
Verbal: This style is known as linguistic learning, wherein the child prefers using words in writing as well as speech.
Aural: Known as auditory-musical, the kid shows better interest in learning through sound and music.
Social: In this interpersonal learning style, children tend to study better with other people or in groups.
Logical: The child learns through reasoning, logic and systems.
Solitary: The intrapersonal learning pattern is seen in children who prefer self-study or loves to work alone.

Most likely, your child will not possess a single learning pattern exclusively but a combination of two or three traits. For instance, a kid who is visual may also be a verbal or social learner at the same time.

In this blog, we have discussed three primary learning patterns as identified by parents and schools – visual, kinaesthetic and auditory.

Visual Learning Style

A visual learner is one who observes the world and the things around them with their eyes. They tend to be more drawn to paintings, photographs, illustrations in books and anything that visually stimulates their senses. Such children love screens – televisions, mobiles or computers – and have a strong memory of things they see.

Here are the indications that your kid possesses core visual learning skills:

• An interest in drawing, crafts or painting
• Recognising faces, places and people
• Love for books and an ability to read
• A sense of maps and directions
• A vivid memory of information gathered from things they see

Kinesthetic Learning Style

Is your child a born dancer or wonderful at sports? She might be a kinaesthetic learner – one who assimilates knowledge by touching things or doing tasks independently. They have a good sense of balance and have a strong tendency to use gestures while communicating.

So what are the indications that your kid is a kinaesthetic learner? Let’s check out:

• Skills in dance, sports or other physical activities
• Interest in play-acting or hands-on activities
• Uses lots of gestures when talking
• A tendency to move when processing information
• Early development such as early crawling, walking or sitting

Auditory Learning Skills

Does your kid get stimulated hearing someone conversing around her? Does she understand better when read aloud? Is she drawn to sounds and music? If yes, then perhaps she is an auditory learner. They tend to be remarkable listeners and also possess verbal qualities.

Here’s what makes your child an auditory learner:

• Skills in vocal ability, music, or instruments
• Listens well and tends to follow oral directions
• Verbal skills
• Ability to identify sounds easily

To better understand your child’s learning pattern, you can consult her pre nursery school in Gurgaon as the teachers can better guide you with the child’s learning traits and behaviour.

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