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Can Material Gifts Replace Quality Time to be Spent with Children

Can Material Gifts Replace Quality Time to be Spent with Children

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“If you want your children to turn out well, spend twice as much time with them and half the money.”

Children love gifts but not as much as their parents. But often due to work, divorce, adverse situations or sheer reluctance, some parents cannot spend quality time with their children. Unfortunately enough but even there are parents who are so engrossed in their own life that they rarely care how their kids feel. And to recompense for their inability to spend time with their children, parents choose the easiest alternative – gifts.

Of course, you love your child to the fullest and often feel guilty not being with them through thick and thin, but a gift can never make up for the time, care and attention they need from you. Parents work hard and often sacrifice their happiness to give their children a better education, a better life and everything they need, including expensive gifts and toys. But as the little one grows up, what they need most are you. Gifts cannot replace the time lost…the love lost.

How Lack of Time from Parents Can Affect Your Child?

According to several study reports, lack of attention, negligence and parental care can have a major impact on the child’s brain development as well as to their overall happiness. From birth, children are dependent on their parents. Their brain development, including their emotional, social and cognitive growth depends majorly on the relationship attachment and loving bond they share with their parents.

In such a scenario, if the child does not get the love, care and attention he deserves, it can poorly affect his mental health. Such children tend to be immature and showcase lower self-esteem, are emotionally unstable, have poor cognitive skills and feel socially deprived. They grow up with a low intelligent quotient. In worst cases, such parent-deprived children get spoiled and choose an unruly life.

What Does Your Child Expect from You?

No; it is not always expensive gifts that they want from you, but your precious time and care. As they grow up, they need your support to achieve their dreams; someone to share their secrets with; someone to appreciate them for even the smallest achievements. They want you to play with them, help them in their studies and motivate them for every little thing they strive to achieve in their lives. Most importantly, they do not want to be left alone.

How to Spend Quality Time With Your Children?

The days with your kids will fly by in a blink of your eyes. So make sure you spend with them as much time as possible and savour every moment. Here are some ideas for you to have a wonderful parent-child time:

• Go shopping together or a lazy stroll in the evening
• During the weekends, you can plan a short trip nearby or take them to the park for quality play time with you
• When at home, involve them in cooking with you
• Have a surprise pizza night together
• Study together

When you will seek your child’s admission in the top 10 schools in Gurgaon, the parent-child relationship is one thing they will assess. Make sure you give them the time they deserve, in whatever way possible.

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