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Instilling the sense of staying organised in your kid may sound challenging, but it is an important aspect for success in every phase of life. Some kids are natural organisers, but most children struggle to do things in order – misplacing books, forgetting lunch box at school, not completing tasks on time, etc. Developing effective organisational skills at a young age can help your child prepare for – and achieve success in – school and life.

Discover 6 proven ways to help your child get and stay organised. Make sure you encourage the sense of order in them at an early stage, assisting in their journey through pre nursery school in Gurgaon and beyond.

1. Introduce Checklists

Help your kid create and get into the habit of following to-do lists. From simple checklists like “3 things to do before going to bed” to something more interesting such as “Things to take on my vacation” – checklists can be a fun way to boost your child’s ability to organise his tasks and manage time in an effective way. Make your child maintain a notebook or small pad to chalk down his assignments in order of priority. Crossing off completed tasks from the checklist will instill a sense of accomplishment in him.

2. Create Household Routines

It is said, “Healthy habits start at home.” To inculcate organisational skills in your child that can help him in his pre nursery school in Gurgaon, begin with establishing routines for various household activities such as study-time, TV-time, dinner-time, bed-time, etc. You can also assign certain days for certain tasks. For example, “Every Saturday morning, Aanya will water the plants.” This will help your child fall into a particular pattern and enable them to understand the importance of his tasks.

3. Assign Tasks that Involve Categorising or Sorting

A great way to help your child develop a sense of organisation is to allocate him chores that involve planning, arranging things, making lists, etc. Involve him in fun activities such as sorting photos, shopping grocery items, cleaning a closet, emptying the dishwasher, etc.

4. Build a Routine for Homework and School Assignments

Encourage your child to organise and keep track of his notebooks, assignments and homework in separate folders and binders. Make it interesting for them by introducing colour coding for different subjects. Set a specific routine for homework, projects and studying. Designate a particular study time and an organised workspace. Make sure your child keeps back everything in place once he is done with his studies.

5. Perform Weekly Clean-ups

A good way to promote your child’s ability to stay organised is to engage him in weekly clean-up programmes. Encourage him to sort through his bags, notebooks, toys and cupboards every week to get rid of junk materials and keep essential things in order.

6. Get the Child into a Bedtime Routine

Before going to bed, make our child prepare for the next day. This can be packing the school bag, keeping the school dress in place, organising things that he will need, etc. This will infuse a sense of responsibility and help him stay organised.

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