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Considering changing your child’s school this year? It is a big change, especially for your child who has to move out of his comfort zone. There may be several reasons to change your kid’s daycare school in Gurgaon and it may come hard on your child. Getting familiar with a new school, making friends or knowing the teachers can be a daunting experience for them. Therefore, every parent should consider the following things to make the change pleasant and enjoyable for your child.

Things to Know When Considering Changing Your Child’s School

When you consider making the transition from one school to another, there are several factors you should address.

1. Your Child’s Emotions

The decision to change your child’s school depends on you, but it is also important to take their feelings into consideration. After all, it is your child who will have to bear the consequences. Before you force a decision upon them, talk to your kid about what they feel about changing schools. It is crucial that you consider changes in elementary grades because the older your kid becomes, the more challenging a change will be for them, particularly when they have built a bond with their peers and teachers.

Make sure it is a serious talk and your child’s feelings should be given due respect. Explain to him why it is important to change the school or how the new school environment can be invigorating for them. A clear conversation with your child is a must.

2. Quality of Education

Whether you are considering changing from daycare school in Gurgaon to primary or a switch to high school, it is vital to review the quality of education. Certain schools have a rigorous curriculum that is in line with the kind of education you want your kid to have. Or is your child experiencing excessive stress related to current academic pressure and competitiveness. To address these issues, it is important to understand what sort of education the new school imparts.

Ask if the new school gives importance to both academics and extracurricular activities. Does it encourage the students to question more and excel? How do they handle discipline? What are their parameters to monitor the progress of your child?

3. Student-Centric Approach

Not every child is equally prepared to learn at schools, especially in the initial years. When changing your child’s school, ensure whether it follows a student-centric approach or is in a hurry to finish the syllabus. Is the ratio of teachers to students is on par with the statutory regulations? Do the educators and school staff give equal dedication to boosting the skills of each child?

Considering this factor can go a long way in ensuring quality growth and education of your child.

4. Quality of Teachers

This is one of the most important factors to consider when planning to change your child’s school. Try to learn more about the qualification of the teachers, their experience, training and the ability to communicate with the students and the parents. They should be creative and friendly with a student-oriented approach.

Whatever is the reason to change, you should help your child to adjust to the new environment. Encourage him to make friends; allow your kid to express their worries. Ensure the transition is as smooth as possible for your child.

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