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How To Keep Kids Engaged Indoors When Its difficult To Breathe Outside

How To Keep Kids Engaged Indoors When Its difficult To Breathe Outside

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As we all know that keeping kids indoors during the break time is a real struggle. They spend most of their time watching videos or playing games on TV, phones or tablets hence increasing their screen time. It is advisable to limit the screen time to 30 – 40 mins per day. In an attempt to accomplish this many families end up having a tiff resulting in angry parents and sad children. Here are some practical ideas that we would like to propose to keep your little ones busy in a constructive manner.

Begin their day by engaging them in helping their mother winding up the bed, helping in the kitchen, and doing other daily chores like – putting spoons in the spoon basket, laying the table, etc.

Movement Activity: Write numbers on pieces of paper, and paste them on the floor in sequence. Place an empty basket/bucket near the last number. Provide a paper/foil ball to the child and ask him/her to jump on the numbers and as per the sequence and drop the ball in the basket/bucket.

Engage them in playing common indoor games (Like Monopoly, Snakes and ladders, Ludo, scrabble etc.).

Art & Craft: Ask the child about their favourite animal, thing etc., and correspondingly make a numbered dotted image of the same. As the child to join the dots and colour the same.

Magic on Paper: (Concept of Day & Night) On a clean sheet of paper make a circle and a few stars with white crayon and colour them using the white crayon. Ask your child to paint the entire sheet with black colour. When the child will paint the same, the areas coloured with white crayon will get highlighted as moon and stars in the dark sky.

Engross children to Best Playschools in Gurgaon the game ‘Name/Place/Animal/Thing’. Provide a small bag to the child containing some letters, and in every round ask him to take out a letter and help him to think of the name of a person/ place/ animal /thing. While assisting the child whenever needed, in the place column you can also show the particular place on the globe.

Reading time: Engage your child in spending time with story books. It’s a habit if inculcated in children reaps very fruitful results.

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