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Screen Time: What for and How Much is Ideal For Your Child

Screen Time: What for and How Much is Ideal For Your Child

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It has become an integral question of our time: do children spend more time than what is healthy watching a television, phone or computer? Is screen time at all important for children? If yes, then how much? What does the best daycare school in Gurgaon have to say about a child’s screen time?

Let’s delve a little deeper into the topic.

What is Screen Time?

It is the time that anyone spends every day using devices having screens, such as television, Smartphones, video consoles, computers or tablets. Your kid’s screen time can be interactive or non-interactive, educational or recreational. Whatever it may, there are benefits and risks associated with screen time. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the parents to ensure healthy screen time for their children.

Benefits of Screen Time

Effective communication and recreation are integral components necessary for a child’s growth. Television, video games or the Internet may have a positive influence on your kid, particularly when:

  • Using screens helps your children develop new skills. For instance, capturing a video about a school programme can help your kid learn the skills of angles and lighting, editing a video.
  • Your kid engages in good-quality content. For instance, playing a mobile game that makes your child solve puzzles. This can help develop high-level critical thinking skills.
  • You interact with your child to help them make good choices regarding what to watch or which games to play.
  • Your child uses screens that give your kid new ideas. For example, playing a game or watching a video that might interest her in drawing buildings, etc.

Risks of Excessive Screen Time

Every parent and even the best daycare school in Gurgaon should be responsible for making the child understand the risk of using screen time in excess. These may include:

  • Irritated and dry eyes, fatigue and headaches
  • Spine and neck problems that can last for long
  • Obesity caused due to an inactive lifestyle
  • Excess screen time may affect the child’s social and language development skills
  • Screen-based media messages can influence a child’s behaviour negatively
  • It may expose the child to dangerous or improper material or people on the Internet

How Much Screen Time is Ideal for Your Child?

According to the latest guidelines from the American Academy of Pediatrics, the ideal screen time for your child should be as follows:

  • A child below 18 months should not indulge in screen time except for video-chatting
  • Children aged between 18 months-2 years can use or watch only high-quality apps, videos or programmes only under parental guidance
  • A child aged between 2-5 years should spend no more than 1 hour screen time each day, having adults playing or watching with them
  • Parents of children aged 6 years and above should set specific limits on the time they spend on Smartphones, computers or electronic media

How much screen time is too much depends on the age of your child and what you consider right for him/her. You can consult the best daycare school in Gurgaon or an expert to know what is ideal for your child.

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